make over and photography

This is such a one kind of thing that me and my sister do, during my laziness

I like to take the photography and do make over to my little sister,

Before she looks so old with her eye glasses, but when she got the make over…. taddaaaa does she look so cute, just like an arabian girl or an indian girl. hhaha.. look for those fake eyelashes.”ANTI STORM LASHES” like syahrini said… 

DSC_0024-008 DSC_0012-007 DSC_0010-005 DSC_0009-004 DSC_0005-003DSC_0004-002

I love to do these things,

make over is great.. not just make over people, but also make over a room, make over my style or anything else….

maybe because I feel bored so easily, that’s why I want a new look with something I have and something I see.. maybe if I have so much money I will make over my parent house. hhahaha…

okey maybe in my different post in this blog, I will show the picture of make over room that I’ve ever did before..

but now I just want to show, my another hobby.. take a photograph, with my sister as a model.. because it easy to asked her did everything I tell.. hhe

DSC_1725-002 DSC_1726-027 DSC_1727-029 DSC_1728-027 DSC_1729-027 DSC_1730-027 DSC_1731-027 DSC_1720-027 DSC_1724-031this picture was take after my brother’s wedding, we take the traditional wedding that was minang tradition. she wear the suntiang in her head, it’s not heavy like another said. because it’s the floaty one, I tried this also.. before “my day” come, I want to see how I look in these.. *ups 😀

DSC_1741-002 DSC_1738-003

what can I say..

that I really love to take a photo..especially take a portrait of myself. it’s okey if you want to say it so ‘narsis’. cause maybe ‘Yes I am” 😀 😀DSC_0107-002

DSC_0042-010 DSC_0054-012 DSC_0068-006 DSC_0069-007 DSC_0084-016 DSC_0085-017 DSC_0087-012 DSC_0089-014okeyyy I think it’s enough..

make over, photography, narsis, and what ever it’s called I just enjoy to do that things…

so this is the last thing that called “narsis photograph”

DSC_0059-002 DSC_1760-003

So much fun for doing something with your ‘closest’ and in my side there is my sister

how about you?


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